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A Turn of Events.

The best laid plans and all that…
Towards the end of this past year a little idea began to take hold in the back of my head, or mind, if you prefer. It has been for some time now that I have taught ESL (English as a second language) in 3 different cities and to hundreds of students, possibly well over a thousand. I have always done this on behalf of a learning institution; mainly because my primary work had been in the field of life insurance and the teaching had been, well, non-primary. Kind of like a productive hobby.

That changed when I underwent my cancer episode some years back, with the subsequent treatments and the two hip surgeries that followed (nothing to do with the cancer and, yes, I can still dance!!). My work in insurance diminished and pretty much disappeared, and once the spark went out, it was very difficult to rekindle it. I tried, to no avail.

I did find myself gravitating to the ESL teaching, and this became a primary interest, taking since then most of my work time. And so, as I have mentioned from time to time in these entries, teaching ESL has become an integral part of my life. So, what was that idea, you ask? (you didn’t?;  well, make believe you did). Why not establish my very own school? One that would allow me to put together a number of little bits from the different schools where I have worked (the better little bits, mind you!) and complement it with my own ideas. And with the prodding and pushing of my wife, English Now LLC was born 3 weeks ago.

The reception has been extraordinary, many people know me in the area and have taken classes with me at one time or another. Suddenly there are very few open spots on the wall calendar and this is very encouraging. There is the website to go along with it (somewhat static) and the FaceBook page which is very much active. And where many of these friends and students come to interact. Future plans include an internet radio channel, a YouTube page and God knows what else.

What does it all have to do with this blog? It has taken my time away. Right now this time is the result of a student having come down with the flu and cancelling her class. I thought I owed a bit of an explanation to so many of you who have followed this blog from the beginning… Your presence is appreciated for it has been a motor and a force to keep me going through some difficult times.

You are welcome to join me and English Now in this new journey. And no, I am not “closing” Pandora’s Other box… far from it. But it will be some time before I can come back to give this precious vehicle the time it deserves. But it will be back on a regular basis.

Come and visit…

Be Well … Be Back!!!

Final Notes:
·       Pray for those who are fighting an illness which may take them away from their loved ones… Every request is heard, and counts!!
·       Follow us on Twitter … @RJAsPandora
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