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A Turn of Events.

The best laid plans and all that… Towards the end of this past year a little idea began to take hold in the back of my head, or mind, if you prefer. It has been for some time now that I have taught ESL (English as a second language) in 3 different cities and to hundreds of students, possibly well over a thousand. I have always done this on behalf of a learning institution; mainly because my primary work had been in the field of life insurance and the teaching had been, well, non-primary. Kind of like a productive hobby.
That changed when I underwent my cancer episode some years back, with the subsequent treatments and the two hip surgeries that followed (nothing to do with the cancer and, yes, I can still dance!!). My work in insurance diminished and pretty much disappeared, and once the spark went out, it was very difficult to rekindle it. I tried, to no avail.
I did find myself gravitating to the ESL teaching, and this became a primary interest, taking since then most of my work time. …